Metal Workshop

Quality is Subjective.

Many people talk about quality, but very few keep their promises. We only use the very best materials on principle, and we do not save on details either. That makes us different from others.

Only the very best brass and bronze is good enough for our chandeliers and for our customers. No cheap, rusty iron from us. We use stainless steel for all the parts subject to static stress.

We pay the closest attention to production details that most people consider unimportant: all our soldered joints, for instance, are hard-soldered with finest-quality silver. We thus use up kilos and kilos of silver annually on something that at first may seem to be of only secondary importance.

All other components, such as our electrical installation material, are selected with the same care and devotion. Only the best endures. Our chandeliers have to withstand a great deal, after all: from longterm use in public buildings to providing light for ocean liners.

Perfect surface coating stands up to the tests of time. Money should be no object here, otherwise total loss of value is a foregone conclusion.

In extreme cases, even an aggressive maritime climate should pose no problems. We have customers in almost every country of the world, and are all too familiar with the challenge posed by climatic extremes.

We carry out surface refinement at our own factory. Uncompromisingly.

If your crystal chandelier is to provide you with many years of lasting pleasure, you should take these decisive factors carefully into account.

We are proud of the fact that even our competitors admire our masterly craftsmanship. Many of our customers regard it as decisive.