Electrical installation

Electrical installation

Our chandeliers conform to the international norms. The cabling is suitable for 110 - 240 V. Each chandelier is tested with 5000 V. Depending on the product type, the following sockets are integrated:

B15 Export UK
B22 Export UK
E12 Export US
E14 Standard
E17 Export JAP
E26 Export US, JAP
E27 Standard
G4 Standard
G9 Standard
GU10 Standard


We recommend the use of large-scale dimmers, with electronics that should be built into a switchboard panel if possible. This enables bulbs of higher wattage to be used – they may be adjusted to suit your requirements, and the lower load also means that they last a lot longer. When using LEDs, the dimmability must be checked. Dimmers should be subjected to a load of no more than 80 %.

Recommended bulbs

Lamps are not included in the price of the chandelier, but may certainly be included in the order. Depending on the model, we recommend the following lamp types:

LED lamps:

We offer LED variants for the above-mentioned sockets (LED lamps have improved light efficiency, lower power consumption, less heat development and longer service life). You can fit any FAUSTIG CRYSTAL CHANDELIER with suitable LED lamps. In this regard, the following should be considered:
- the dimmability
- a pleasant colour temperature of approximately 2800 K (warm white)
- adequate light efficiency of at least 220 lm.

For comparison:

220 - 250 lm = conventional 25-watt bulb
410 - 470 lm = 40-watt bulb
700 - 810 lm = 60-watt bulb

High-voltage halogen lamps:

E14 and E27 are also available as high-voltage halogen lamps (improved light efficiency, lower power consumption, less heat development, longer service life).
G9 with plug-in base
GU10 spot with bayonet mount

Low-voltage halogen lamps:

Low-voltage sockets need to be fitted with 12 V - 5-20 W G4 lamps.