Important Information

The Numbering System

The five-figure number refers to the model. This is followed after a full stop by the product type (this number is omitted in the case of hanging chandeliers). Then, after a hyphen, either the number of bulbs or the diameter (cm) is indicated.

Example: 40600-8 = chandelier with 8 outer flames
Example: 77514-80 = chandelier with 80 cm diameter and inner flames

Possible product types:

.2 = halogen fitted recess lamp (transformer not included in delivery)
.4 = end table lamp (from 50 cm height)
.5 = wall bracket
.6 = floor lamp
.7 = flush-to-ceiling lamp with reflector (direct ceiling attachment)
.8 = table lamp (up to 50 cm height)
.9 = mirror

Example: 40600.5-2 = wall bracket with 2 flames
Example: 28100.7-50 = flush-to-ceiling lamp with reflector
(A at the beginning of a model number refers to a customised design)


All dimensions are indicated in cm in the sequence width x height. With wall brackets and mirrors depth is also added.

The height refers to the height without canopy and chain. It is followed in brackets ( ) by the minimum suspension height of a chandelier.

Lamp installation:

The normal chain or cable length including canopy is about 80 cm. Should you require a different length when placing your order, no additional charge will be made. Heavy fittings are also equipped with an extra stainless steel safety cable.

Spare parts:

Essential spare parts are delivered free of charge with each fitting. Any additional spare parts required are normally sent the same day. Do please send a sample, though, even if it is in fragments.

Care and maintenance:

Before cleaning, switch off the fuse! A CRYSTAL CHANDELIER can be quickly dusted down using a soft brush or a feather duster. From time to time, however, to preserve its brilliance and beauty, the crystal should be cleaned with water, a brush, soft cloths and mild detergent. This will ensure that your FAUSTIG CRYSTAL CHANDELIER brings you many years of enjoyment.